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The massage for the mind...

What Hypnosis can help with:

Abandonment, Addictions, Age Regression

Aggression, Agoraphobia, Anesthesia

Anger, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Assist Healing

Attitude Adjustment, Bed Wetting, Biofeedback

Breathing, Career Success, Change Habits

Child Birth, Chronic Pain, Communication, 

Concentration, Controlling, Cramps

Cravings, Creativity, Death or Loss

Discouraged, Dreams, Exam Anxiety

Exercise, Fear of Animals, Fear of Death

Fear of Dentist, Fear of Doctor, Fear of Failure

Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, Fear of Loss of Control

Fear of School, Fear of Success, Fear of Surgery

Fear of Water, Fears, Forgiveness

Frustration, Gagging, Gambling, Guilt, Hair Twisting, Headaches, Helplessness

Hopelessness, Hypochondria, Hostility

Hypertension, Immune System, Impotency

Improve Health, Improve Sales, Indecision

Inferiority, Inhibition, Insecurity, Insomnia

Irrational, Irrational thoughts, Irritability

Jealousy, Lack of Ambition, Lack of Direction

Lack of Enthusiasm, Lack of Initiative

Lower Blood Pressure

Medication Side Effects, Memory, Mistrust

Moodiness, Motivation, Nail Biting

Nausea, Negativism, Nightmares

Obsessions, Obsessive-Compulsive, Overeating

Overly Critical, Pain Management, Panic Attacks

Passive-Aggressive, Past Life Regression

Perfectionism, Performance Anxiety

Pessimism, Phobias, Postsurgical

Premature Ejaculation, Presurgical, Problem Solving

Procrastination, Public Speaking, Reach Goals

Rejection, Relationship Enhancement

Relaxation, Resistance, Resistance to Change

Responsibility, Restlessness, Sadness

Self-Awareness, Self-Blame, Self-Confidence

Self-Control, Self-Criticism, Self-Defeating Behaviors, Self-Esteem, Self-Expression

Self-Forgiveness, Self-Hypnosis, Self-Image

Self-Mastery, Sexual Problems, Shame

Skin Problems, Sleep Disorders, Smoking

Social Phobia, Sports, Stage Fright, Stress

Study Habits, Stuttering, Stubborn

Substance Abuse, Superiority, Surgical Recovery

Tardiness, Temptation, Thumb Sucking

Tics, Trauma, Ulcers, Victimization

Weight Loss, Worry, Writers Block

What our customers are saying

“I would highly recommend Angela Shaw to family, friends, or co-workers. It is like massage therapy for the mind!” 

~Garett  (Real Estate Agent) - Satisfied Customer

“I wanted to tell you how life changing your sessions were for me! I really appreciate you having me in and the work helped open my mind to the opportunities that Destin has for me!”

~Nate (just moved to the area) - Satisfied Customer 

“After 2 months of natural treatment healings... I am completely free of thyroid problems and did not need to take medication.  I am grateful to of asked for your help and believe your help was part of my natural healing , God bless!”

~Christina (mom and wife) - Satisfied Customer  

Initial consultation with Hypnosis

The initial consultation is for getting to the root of where changes need to be met and working on a plan to implement changes.  Following with a hypnosis session.  

1-3 hours. 

Hypnosis Package

Packages can be for one desired area in your life or various areas you would like to work on.  Sessions usually take around 1-2 hours each.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol or use mind altering medications before your sessions.  We recommend wearing  comfortable clothes.

Life Coaching 

Life Coaching is for reaching success in certain areas of your life that you may be struggling with.  This includes a 4 or 8 week personized program with a personal life coach, accountability, hypnosis and or Reiki sessions, phone and email daily communication for motivation and worksheets / educational products.

Services We Offer:

Will travel to client for extra fee.

Virtual sessions available.


Reiki -Chakra Energy Balancing 

Theta Healing (DNA)

Healing Light Language Transmissions 

Essential oils 

Red/Infrared Light Therapy 

Coaching / Motivation 

Angel Card Readings

Law of Attraction Teaching  

Classes and Training 

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